Were You Injured In The Workplace?

Depending on your work activities, it is possible to suffer a serious accident injury while on the job. Whether this injury is the result of a single accident or the culmination of years of repetitive stress, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer at our office. If you need experienced representation, the Law Offices of Sloane L. Fish, LLC, is here for you.

On-The-Job Injuries

We understand the frustrations that follow a work accident. Perhaps your company is denying that an accident took place. Perhaps the company-recommended doctor made a hasty diagnosis. Perhaps your company’s insurance carrier has delayed, devalued or denied your benefits claim. In all of these situations, you need a strong negotiator and accomplished litigator on your side.

Workers can be injured in numerous ways. Typically, there are three categories of injuries:

  • Single accidents can include someone falling down the stairs, materials falling from above, slips-and-falls and crush injuries caused by industrial machinery.
  • Repetitive stress can include muscle strain related to making the same movement over and over and carpal tunnel syndrome related to repetitive fine motor movements such as typing or filing.
  • Toxic exposure can include any material or chemical that can cause illness or injury after repeated exposure.

If your accident is a result of a defective tool, elevator, handrail or any other product, it might be possible to file a third-party personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer or the installer of the defective product.

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