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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Common reasons why bedsores could occur in nursing homes

Unfortunately, a common issue in nursing homes in Maryland is bedsores. These are facilities where residents are supposed to feel safe and secure after leaving their homes. Most of the time, bedsores are present because of some type of neglect with most situations being easily prevented.


When there’s too much friction between the body and the sheets or blankets on the bed, then nursing home bedsores can occur. This often takes place when residents are moved too harshly while in the bed or if the linens are pulled too tight and left without being loosened to provide comfort for the resident while they are in bed.


Sometimes, bedsores can occur because of too much pressure on the skin. This usually happens when a resident isn’t turned as often as they need to be or if they’re left in bed in a position that results in areas of the body pressing down on the bed more than needed. As pressure continues to increase, it can deteriorate the skin. When nursing assistants and nurses don’t move residents, then it could be considered a form of neglect that could warrant an investigation of the facility.


If residents don’t get enough to eat or drink while they are in a nursing home, it can lead to the skin breaking down over time. This can then lead to bedsores. While malnutrition can be a form of neglect, it could also be an issue that’s not intended as some residents might not have an appetite or might not be able to physically eat a lot during the day.

When visiting family members in a nursing home, you could see bedsores on areas of the body including the back, buttocks, and legs if proper care is not provided.