Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Which types of elder abuse should I look for?

The elderly are a sensitive, vulnerable population in Maryland that need protection. For this reason, younger people might take them for granted and commit minor to extreme acts of abuse against them. Whether you are a senior citizen or a family member, look out for common types of elder abuse.


Elderly neglect is refusing to take proper care of a mentally or physically disabled older person. The type of neglect are classified as physical, medical and emotional neglect. Physical neglect is refusing to care for the elder’s basic life needs, such as feeding and bathing. Medical neglect is failing to care for his or her special medical needs, whether it’s administering medication or taking the elder to doctor’s appointments. Something as simple as failing to visit the hospital or check vital signs after a serious accident may count as neglect.


Violence consists of physical actions that cause bodily injury to an elderly patient. This includes pushing, kicking, slapping, punching, biting and other acts.


Threats are common against elderly people who are dependent on others. Doctors or nurses may intimidate a patient into behaving a certain way with threats, such as threatening to withhold food, refusing to administer medication or refusing to allow the elder to visit family members.


Healthcare fraud is a common form of elder abuse. Doctors, nurses, clerks and healthcare workers in general are likely to take advantage of older patients with mental and physical ailments. Their fraudulent actions may include overcharging older patients for medical services, encouraging them to pay for the most expensive products or services or providing inadequate healthcare services.

The next step

When elder abuse occurs, it can be investigated, retributed and compensated for in court. Anyone who suspects this problem can identify the signs of abuse and collect sufficient evidence that it is occurring.