Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Safe driving advice for both new teen drivers and their parents

When teenage children approach the legal driving age in Maryland, this can be anxiety-inducing for parents. As a parent, you can ease the stress of this potentially scary time for you and your teen by learning about and having everyone in the family follow these safe driving tips.

Eliminate distractions

The world can be a very distracting place, especially while you’re driving. When you or your teen is behind the wheel, it is critical to focus on one thing: driving behavior. This means muting smartphone alerts or turning this device off while driving. It’s also best to make any music or audio-related adjustments before the vehicle starts moving.

Leave room for yourself and others

You can’t control the amount of traffic on streets, highways or other roads. But you can manage your speed to give yourself plenty of space between your car and other vehicles. Having a few car lengths of distance between automobiles gives all drivers more time to brake, drive around hazards and otherwise avoid car accidents.

Weather changes mean driving adjustments

Driving safely differs in clear conditions than in inclement weather. For instance, it’s generally best to travel a little slower than normal while it’s raining. If rain, snow or ice storms become severe, you should drive even slower or safely get off the roads if possible.

Keeping a vehicle in optimal condition

Many car accidents don’t happen due to a driver’s mistakes. Instead, they occur because someone’s driving a vehicle with worn-down tires or brakes in poor condition. Fortunately, an automobile mechanic can perform inspections, repairs and replacements that ensure the car is ready for the road.

Teach your teenage driver the importance of using safe driving tips. These pointers can help save you from injured children and paying for expensive vehicle repairs.