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Common causes of dump truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Truck accident

Dump trucks are a common sight, especially when there are construction projects around your area. Whether a new store is about to be built in town or a neighbor doing major house repairs, dump trucks will be there to transport materials.

Unfortunately, due to their size and usual cargo load, dump trucks can cause accidents that result in fatalities and injuries.

Imbalance due to cargo

Proper cargo weight and placement are important when operating any truck. If a loader places cargo too heavy for a dump truck, the driver could have difficulty turning or controlling the speed, which could result in the vehicle toppling over. The same applies to cargo that the loader improperly placed or failed to secure because the load will likely move from side to side, which can cause the vehicle to tip over. These incidents can damage property and injure nearby people.

Improper unloading of materials

Dump trucks have this box in their body that carries construction materials, such as sand, gravel and wood. Truck operators should adequately check the area before carefully unloading the materials, which they do by shifting the box upward to pour out the load. An accident can happen if the driver or their assisting coworker fails to check whether the coast is clear before unloading the materials.

Holding the right people responsible

Accidents involving dump trucks can cause serious injuries, including concussions, fractures or a lost limb. Victims have to endure not only the pain of their injuries, but also the burden of paying for their treatment, recovery and other financial damages the incident has caused them.

Nonetheless, determining the right people to hold accountable and building a solid personal injury case can help ease those burdens.