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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Do blind spots cause car accidents?

There are many possible causes of car accidents in Maryland. One of the most common is one that very few people ever think about. In fact, most people aren’t even aware of the potential danger until an accident does occur. But if you are driving nearly or directly alongside another vehicle, you are in serious trouble. This is the dreaded blind spot.

Blind spot accidents are all too common

Motor vehicle accidents can very often be caused by inadvertently driving in another car’s blind spot. This can lead to a series of accidents reaching as high as 800,000 across the country. It is true that only 300 of these collisions proved to be fatal. But the sheer number of injuries and financial costs are still too high.

Most blind spot accidents occur when a truck collides with a car. This is because you are driving too close to a truck. Because you are directly alongside them, they can’t see you in their rear mirror. Their eyes are focused ahead on the road, meaning that they don’t see you directly beside them.

Accidents of this type most often happen when a driver is changing lanes. They are particularly prone to occur at roundabouts and intersections. The most common types of collisions are rear-enders and sideswipes. As noted above, most accidents are not fatal. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t sustain injuries that can prove serious.

How to prevent blind spot accidents

There are several methods that you can adopt to reduce the chances of getting caught up in a truck accident. One of them will be to keep to a safe speed and obey all of the mandated rules of the road.

Make sure that all of the mirrors on your vehicle are properly adjusted. Convex mirrors can offer you a much wider field of vision. Reduce all possible distractions, such as phone usage, by switching to Bluetooth. This will help keep your attention directly on the road ahead.