Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Protection against theft in nursing homes

When you place a loved one in a nursing home, it is with the assumption he or she will receive quality care. It can be incredibly difficult for a Maryland family to make the decision to move someone they love into assisted living or another type of care facility, and you likely put a significant amount of research and care into your specific choice. It can be devastating to learn that your family member is not receiving the care he or she deserves. 

One of the most common problems experienced in nursing homes is theft of personal property. Staff and others have access to the belongings brought and kept by residents, and residents may be unaware when things go missing, or they may be unable to stop the theft from happening. If you believe your loved one experienced this type of unacceptable treatment, there are legal options available to you. 

Basics steps to prevent theft 

Studies estimate that theft is a rampant problem in nursing homes. Elderly, sick or disabled individuals may seem like they are easy targets because they are unable to protest or fight back, but there are ways your loved one can learn how to protect himself or herself. The following simple steps allow one to have reasonable sense of protection while living in a nursing home: 

  • Do your research regarding the number of reported thefts in the nursing home within the last year. 
  • Keep a careful inventory of the specific items your loved one has in his or her room. 
  • Make sure your loved one has the right type of insurance coverage. 
  • Don’t allow your loved one to take exceptionally valuable property with him or her into the nursing home. 
  • Ask about security measures in place at the facility, and find out if secure storage is available to residents.  

By preparing your loved one well and doing the appropriate research, you may be able to reduce the chance of theft affecting your family. 

Fighting back after theft 

If your loved one is the victim of theft in a nursing home, you may pursue legal recourse in order to hold liable parties accountable and seek recompense for any losses you experienced. Nursing homes are responsible for providing patients with security and safety, and your family has the right to speak up and take action if your loved one suffered due to negligent care, theft or other issue.