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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Labor Day road safety tips

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, and many Maryland residents will be making plans for some type of road trip. All Maryland drivers should take extra precautions on the roadways if they have decided to travel, both locally and on the interstate system, because there will indeed be a traffic uptick as people take advantage of the last official holiday of the summer before fall sets in. Here are a few driving tips for all motorists traveling through and around the state.

Avoid excessive speeds

The first and most important driving tip for everyone is maintaining the speed limit as much as possible, and especially in heavy traffic. This can be difficult on the open road when traffic flow is beyond the posted speed limit, but the truth is that many highway motor vehicle accidents occur when at least one driver is exceeding the limit.

Maintain good driving behavior

It is important to follow all rules of the road when behind the wheel. This includes always using signal indicators when turning and maintaining a safe distance behind any frontal vehicle. Rear-end crashes are common in congested traffic, and even though it can be challenging, keeping a significant distance from the vehicle ahead is always the best driving decision.

Avoid driving distractions

Distracted driving has become a very serious issue, and NHTSA statistics have borne this out. Refrain from using a cellphone whenever possible, and especially texting. Maryland motor vehicle accident attorneys have seen many cases where distracted driving has been a major factor.

In addition, even though it is a holiday when people like to take scenic drives throughout the beautiful state, it is still vital to keep your eyes on the road when your hands are on the wheel. It is always best to take your time, and stop if necessary to enjoy the Maryland countryside.