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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Four signs of abuse and neglect in a nursing home

If you’re an adult with older parents in Maryland, you might consider placing them in a nursing home. While nursing homes can give elderly individuals the help they need, this doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect remain major issues throughout the nation. With that in mind, here are a few signs that your loved one might be the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Unexplained scratches or bruises

No child ever wants to see their parents hurt. If you see that your elderly parents have unexplained scratches or bruises, they might be the victims of nursing home abuse. To find out what’s happening, ask your loved one where any new bruises or cuts came from.

Sudden weight loss

Since most senior citizens find it difficult to prepare food and eat it by themselves, nursing home staff often assist patients with these tasks. If you notice that someone in a nursing home is losing weight, they might not be getting food and water regularly.

Feelings of depression

Certain signs of nursing home neglect won’t leave any physical evidence. Sometimes, getting harassed or bullied will cause nursing home patients to experience mental trauma. If this is happening, your loved one might start experiencing bouts of depression.

Worsening hygiene

Nursing homes employ staff members to ensure that all patients remain hygienic. Unfortunately, caretakers can neglect the hygiene of their patients. When this happens, you might notice that your loved one’s room maintains a foul smell. Another sign of neglect is if your elderly relative is sleeping in soiled or otherwise dirty bedding.

Unfortunately, there are several signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. No one should get abused or neglected while in a care facility. If you suspect that someone you know isn’t getting proper treatment in a nursing home, consider speaking with an attorney that takes on nursing home abuse and neglect cases.