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Who is liable for my truck accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Truck accident

If you have been in an accident involving a commercial truck in the Baltimore area, you are probably well aware of the devastation such an accident can cause. Truck accident victims can file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for their injuries and damages.

As you proceed with your truck accident claim, your attorney can help determine who to name as defendants in your suit. These defendants will be parties who were at fault for your accident in some way or another.

Who is liable for my truck accident?

Determining fault after a truck accident requires a careful inspection and analysis of police reports, photos and videos of the scene of the accident, witness statements, and other forms of evidence. There are multiple parties that can be liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages, including the following:

  • Truck drivers – The most obvious defendant is likely the truck driver behind the wheel of the commercial truck at the time of the accident. The driver could be held liable for driver negligence in the form of drowsy driving, distracted driving, impaired driving, or failing to abide by traffic laws of any kind.
  • Trucking company – The truck driver in your accident was likely operating the truck while within the course and scope of his employment with a trucking company. Therefore, the trucking company can be liable for its driver’s negligence. The trucking company can also be liable for negligently failing to conduct regular inspections of the truck, failing to properly maintain the truck, and failing to properly hire, supervise, or train the driver.
  • Truck owners – In some cases, the trucking company that employs the drivers also owns the truck, but in other cases, the truck owner is a third party not connected with the trucking company.
  • Manufacturers – Companies responsible for manufacturing the truck and/or its parts can be held liable, particular if the accident was caused by a mechanical error.
  • Cargo loaders – Those in charge of loading the cargo onto the truck can be liable for failing to properly inspect and secure the cargo

An attorney specializing in truck accidents can help determine who is at fault for your accident and help you recover damages from those responsible.