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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Stay safe on the road: Motorcycle tips

In Maryland, riding a motorcycle requires paying attention to your safety. The following points can show what to look out for and how to remain accident-free and enjoy your ride.

The right bike

Using good judgment can aid you in choosing a motorcycle that suits your skill level. You can judge whether the bike makes sense for you based on factors such as the bike’s weight, intended terrain uses and engine power.

Before a ride, check your bike for burned-out lights and low fluids or tires. Test the brake and clutch levers before taking off to ensure everything feels functional and safe.

Wear a full-face helmet

A full-face helmet with eye protection or a face shield can protect you in a motorcycle accident, as the chin is the most common point of impact in an accident. A helmet also shields your face from flying road debris, insects and exposure to the elements.

Protective gear

Protective riding gear can look stylish and is usually constructed of abrasion-resistant fabrics or thick leather. Protect your ankles by covering them with boots, wearing long pants, gloves and a protective jacket made for motorcycle riding. Consider additional protective gear depending on the type of riding you typically engage in.

Check the weather

Before you go on a ride, check your intended and alternative routes and weather and road conditions. Ensure you know where to find refueling points for long road trips and know your limits to make your riding decisions accordingly. Long trips can lead to highway hypnosis, which can cause tiredness and negatively impact your reaction time.

Additionally, it is essential to stay sober because motorcycle riding demands total concentration. Alcohol or other substances that dull the senses can interfere with your judgment, response time and overall awareness.

Ride defensively

Many people do not see motorcyclists, and it helps to act as if you are invisible to motor vehicles. When you stay present and vigilant, you can avoid being involved in motor vehicle accidents. It helps to anticipate drivers’ behavior so that you can react quickly if needed.

Developing a safety routine when riding your bike can significantly enhance your safety as well as that of others on the road. A few minutes of your time can save a life.