Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Slip-and-fall injuries and losses

People can fall anywhere at any time, and they may suffer severe injuries upon impact with the ground. A person could trip in front of a neighbor’s house, or a worker might fall at a Maryland job site. Sometimes, negligence factors into the incident, which could open doors for civil litigation.

Slips and falls

While anyone could suffer a slip-and-fall accident, older adults might be the most vulnerable. The National Council on Aging notes that 25% of Americans over 65 years of age experience a slip-and-fall accident. Older persons might suffer worse injuries than younger individuals, although young people could experience traumatic brain or spinal injuries upon hitting the ground.

Even when someone is aware of their surroundings, it is possible to trip and fall. They might not see an object on the ground, or the surface could be slippery. All it takes is one slip or stumble, and a person could fall.

Costs and negligence

While some might only experience cuts and bruises that require no treatment, fractures and other injuries require trips to a healthcare facility. On average, it costs $30,000 to treat falls. With more severe slip and fall injuries, the costs could be much higher.

Victims might discover that someone’s negligence led to their fall. For example, any spills inside a restaurant or grocery store that are not cleaned up promptly can present hazards. Commercial and residential properties that don’t fix broken handrails or cracked sidewalks may put people at risk. Ultimately, if the property owner or resident had a duty to address a hazard and did not take action, they might face liability claims for people’s injuries.

A civil lawsuit might result when someone gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. Homeowners or commercial general liability insurance may cover the losses. A settlement could provide the injured victim with the compensation necessary to cover losses.