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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

SUVs and pedestrian harm

SUVs are often the most impressive vehicles on Maryland roads. Many top name-brand companies produce popular sports utility vehicles; some models are known for their size and power. Unfortunately, those two features may contribute to the dangers SUVs and other large vehicles present to pedestrians.

SUVs and pedestrian accidents

A dangerous drawback may exist when operating SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans. Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), these models might not provide the best view of a street when making turns. So, they present an increased risk of hitting pedestrians crossing at intersections.

The issue of larger vehicles being unable to see pedestrians clearly may have contributed to a portion of the 54,700 pedestrian injuries in 2020. 2020 also saw 6,500 pedestrian fatalities, suggesting that walkers and joggers should be careful when near SUVs and oversized models.

An SUV’s size could result in catastrophic injuries if a pedestrian gets hit by one. If the SUV runs over a pedestrian, the injuries would likely cause a fatality. Pedestrians might keep their eyes out for these vehicles, but driver negligence might override any steps a pedestrian takes.

Negligence and pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents involving SUVs and other oversized vehicles may result in broken bones, internal damage, traumatic brain injuries and other serious harm. As previously noted, turning vehicles present dangers because the driver may contend with an obstructed view, but distracted driving or intoxication may also lead to collisions. So might moving violations and other negligent actions.

A pedestrian accident’s aftermath could leave victims suffering from financial hardship and medical problems. Filing a civil action could help those victims recover their losses. Sometimes, an insurance settlement may deliver an acceptable conclusion to civil claims.