Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Reckless driving can cause harm

Reckless drivers pose dangers on Maryland roads. People who are harmed as a result may take legal action to receive compensation for their injuries.

Reckless behaviors

Reckless driving takes several forms, and blatant moving violations are among the most common. Excessive speeding continues to be one of a driver’s riskiest actions on the road. Some may be so reckless that they drive 20 or more miles above the speed limit. Traveling at such speeds undermines the ability to react defensively and may result in a fatal collision. Even drifting above posted limits could impact how a driver responds, meaning speeding always comes with dangers.

Traffic fatalities could result from aggressive and unsafe behaviors. Some accidents may happen when an impatient driver hits the gas pedal to the floor as soon as a light turns green, not caring about pedestrians or bicyclists in the intersection.

Drunk driving remains one of the top reasons for car accidents. When someone is under the influence, they could lose control of their vehicle.

Legal consequences for reckless driving

Ultimately, when a driver commits a moving violation or a criminal act, such behavior may provide the basis for a negligence lawsuit. Police reports, drug/alcohol tests, video footage, and eyewitness reports could present supporting evidence contributing to a stronger claim.

A reckless driver may face a wrongful death lawsuit when a victim loses their life. Wrongful death suits could seek significant compensation and punitive damages commensurate with the harm and loss inflicted on the victims.

Settling an insurance claim might be preferable to a court trial. Auto liability coverage limits can range, and some coverage thresholds could be very low. Suing above the policy limits may be an option if the person has sufficient assets to make the strategy worthwhile.