Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Hazards of driving during the fall season

There are many hazards that you’ll want to be aware of while driving in Maryland this fall. For instance, it’s likely that roads will be covered in leaves or other materials that could make them slippery. It’s also possible that you’ll have to contend with rain, fog or other weather conditions that could cause a reduction in visibility.

The days get shorter

Perhaps the toughest part about driving during the fall months is that the days start to get noticeably shorter. This means that there is a good chance that you will drive to or from work in the dark. You may also have to drive to school, the grocery store or other destinations without the aid of natural light. Therefore, be sure that your car’s headlights work properly so that others can see your vehicle coming.

You may see animals roaming

Fall is a common mating season for many types of animals, and this means that you are more likely to see deer or other creatures wandering along the road. You may also see animals wandering near or across roadways in an effort to find food or shelter for the upcoming winter. A collision with a deer or other large animals could result in a serious car accident that may cause significant damage to your vehicle. It may also result in injuries to yourself, your passengers or the animal that was struck by your car or truck.

Those who act in a negligent manner in allowing a car crash to occur may be liable for damages incurred by their victims. If you are hurt in an accident caused by an inattentive or fatigued driver, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other losses that you sustained.