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The dangers of truck driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Truck accident

Drowsy driving is a regular factor in many truck accidents in Maryland. The general thought is that truck drivers may be drowsy when first beginning a driving shift when they do not get sufficient rest during shutdown hours, but the truth is that it occurs at any time during a driving shift. In particular, it is found to be a potential condition in accidents that occur after dark or late at night regardless of length of time behind the wheel. There are several reasons this actually happens.

Inebriated driving

One main factor that can contribute to drowsy driving evidence is a truck driver who is cited for alcohol use following a truck accident. Regardless of the amount of damage, the level of blood alcohol concentration can still be an issue even when the truck driver does not test past the threshold that is considered intoxicated for truck drivers in Maryland following motor vehicle accidents. Any prior DUI citations can also suggest pattern behavior.

Late shift driving

Truck driving is grueling work as it is, but many drivers are attempting to make delivery times and drive well beyond what is considered a regular day of eight hours. Accidents that happen in the final three hours of a driving shift could indicate additional circumstantial evidence of drowsy or fatigued driving, which is ultimately the same issue when settling truck accidents.

Monthly driving limitations

Not only do tractor-trailer operators have daily limits in which they can drive, but they also are restricted to driving a certain number of hours during a month. Many transportation companies will require drivers to come close to the limit each month if not exceed the regulations. Any evidence that a truck driver is near their operating limit of both daily or monthly hours could suggest as supporting evidence any claims of drowsy driving being an additional factor in an accident.