Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Speeding puts people in harm’s way

Speeding ranks as one of the most common moving violations on Maryland roads. It may also be among the most dangerous ill-advised behaviors a driver could embrace. Controlling a vehicle becomes harder when traveling above the speed limit, especially when traffic conditions further increase dangers. Yet, people continue to speed, leading to many avoidable and tragic accidents.

Speeding and its terrible consequences

The somber statistics from 2020 reveal why speeding is so dangerous — 29% of all traffic deaths in 2020 involved speeding drivers. Overall, speeding contributed to 10,136 collisions and cost 11,258 people their lives.

Despite the dangers, many people insist on speeding since it is so easy to press down on the gas pedal to pass a vehicle or go through a changing yellow light. Sometimes, drivers make regrettable decisions when the roads are slick with rain or mud covers the road. Poor road conditions do not lead them to adjust their behavior.

Speeding drivers face consequences

Traffic citations send costly warnings to drivers to change their behavior. Not every driver takes tickets seriously, and those who avoid getting citations may continue to drive at unsafe speeds. When these drivers cause car accidents, they might finally face the consequences of their actions.

Anyone who inflicts negligent harm on another person could face a civil lawsuit. Speeding drivers disregard others’ safety, and anyone driving too fast likely realizes they are willfully violating traffic laws. Someone who ignores posted signs to slow down may embody even more blatant contempt for the law. Witnesses and police reports documenting such dangerous behavior may make things challenging for the defendant in civil court.