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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Understanding why nursing home residents fall

As a person becomes older, the risk of falling increases. Unfortunately, this can occur to elderly individuals residing in Maryland nursing homes. Having specific protocols in place may help alleviate this problem.

Nursing home statistics associated with falls and fractures

Examining the statistics on falls and fractures in nursing homes indicates how often it occurs. Knowing these numbers reveals how essential it is to avoid negligence and have specific protocols to avoid injury. Here are a few of the most significant numbers related to this problem:

– Between 50 and 75% of nursing home residents fall yearly.

– About 1,800 nursing home residents die from falls yearly.

– About 10 to 20% of falls in nursing homes result in a severe injury.

Common causes of falls with elderly nursing home residents

Some of the primary reasons for an elderly individual falling in a nursing home are walking problems and muscle weakness. These falls make up about 25% of incidents. Other causes can include the following:

– Anti-anxiety medications or sedatives

– Environmental hazards, like equipment left in a hallway, which cause 16 to 27% of incidents

– Poorly fitting shoes

– Improper walking aids

– Other hazards related to wet floors, inadequate lighting or poorly maintained wheelchairs

Preventing falls in nursing homes is critical

Using specific protocols can help prevent an elderly nursing home resident from falling. Implementing the following guidelines may help:

– Monitoring at-risk residents closely

– Providing and maintaining wheelchairs and walkers

– Reviewing medication use

– Providing hip pads

– Assessing a resident after a fall and identifying the cause to prevent further injuries

Assisting each nursing home resident and noting any changes in their walking patterns can be vital. Closely monitoring residents with memory-related challenges, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, is also necessary if they use a wheelchair or walking aid. Understanding why an elderly nursing home resident falls and eliminating the causes is one of the best ways to keep them safe and avoid this problem from occurring.