Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Why defensive driving?

Offensive driving is when you’re aggressive and become a hazard to other drivers. Drivers who feel a sense of competition on the road desire to “outdo” others in any way. These offensive behaviors turn into rage, revenge and thoughtless acts. By being defensive instead, you give others their right of way. Allowing traffic to slow, think and move with confidence are important in eliminating motor vehicle accidents on Maryland’s public roadways.

Be alert and strategic

Planning how you drive before and during your drive is essential to your preparation. Anything can happen, but your route, time of day and weather all have specific impacts on your commute. Planning vacations and family trips during stable weather is ideal. You can better anticipate the mood of other drivers by researching your destinations before arriving. Being strategic starts with making sure your turn- and brake-lights work. Help others to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Anticipate the need for early braking

Giving other vehicles their right of way calls for you to do some early braking. No one on the road can precisely predict what other drivers will do. Giving yourself enough distance to adjust to them gives you a big safety advantage. Thousands of motor vehicle accidents could be avoided each year–by ensuring that vehicles have their proper distance. You cannot properly brake early unless you started off with the proper distance from other moving cars.

Keep your peripheral open and clear

Obstructions come in the form of your behavior or outside elements on the road. Your peripheral in these cases is what you can see, sense, hear and respond to. Any time that your ability to timely respond is hindered, you increase your chances of starting or being pulled into a motor vehicle accident. In defensive driving, you must have your visuals clear without obstructions.

Motor vehicle accidents in Maryland

Remain calm and defensive as you measure how other drivers are maneuvering. Being offensive will, instead, lead to conflicts that most aren’t equipped to legally handle. Just don’t allow road conditions to change your mood or allow you to fume.