Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Adjusting driving habits for the winter

Winter brings cold temperatures, along with freezing rain and snow. Maryland drivers may wish to stay off the road during such inclement conditions, but that is not always possible. Adjusting driving behavior becomes necessary when taking to streets and highways during the cold season. Driving too fast for road conditions might prove disastrous since slick surfaces could undermine brakes. Yet, people ignore common sense and safety, increasing the potential for accidents.

Driving safer in the winter

Driving too fast for conditions doesn’t necessarily mean speeding, as driving under the posted speed limit may still be risky in inclement weather. And remember, the road conditions could become so bad that vehicles may stall, as was the case in the surrounding areas in early January.

Keeping a winter safety kit in the car might be a good idea since food, water, blankets, and an extra cellphone, among other items, may come in handy. Even when roads are clear, a car might stall or suffer a mechanical breakdown. Taking the vehicle to a service station for winter service may avoid such troubles.

Dangerous behaviors on winter roads

Some drivers may become impatient and refuse to adjust their behavior on the road. Car accidents could become unavoidable when someone aggressively changes lanes or tailgates on icy roads. Those unwilling to inspect their vehicles for winter conditions may suffer mishaps, such as tire blowouts. Deadly accidents might occur when a tire explodes without warning.

Drivers could learn how to deal with visibility issues on cold, foggy days and nights. Learning how to deal with skids might also boost safety when commuting. Drivers whose negligence causes a crash would likely face civil consequences. A wrong decision behind the wheel may result in a personal injury lawsuit.