Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Steps to prevent nursing home bedsores

There are certain precautions that professionals in Maryland must take when handling patients in nursing home. The patient must change position frequently to prevent the formation of bed sores. This is difficult to do for some people, but the task is necessary and must be done for every patient.

Turn and reposition the body frequently

Bed sores form when the skin sets too firmly into the mattress. The best solution is to turn the body every two to four hours to prevent it from settling into the bed. Patients should be taught to move around to promote healthy blood circulation and not stay in one place for too long. Nursing home bedsores occur when staff members forget to move patients who cannot move on their own.

Avoid sleeping on hard mattresses

Sleeping on a hard mattress increases one’s discomfort and makes it easier to develop aches, pains and sores. Soft padding reduces the amount of pressure that the body applies to the mattress.

Promote healthy skin care

Easily bruised or chafed skin is often the result of aging skin and poor health care. To prevent bedsores, keep the skin clean and dry at all times, exercise regularly and be healthy overall. If sores develop, cleanse the area to prevent an infection.

Steps to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect

Bedsores are common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. When there is no good explanation for the sores to occur, an employee has likely neglected to fulfill his or her duties. Family members of individuals living in nursing homes should know their legal rights and options.