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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Rural roads can be dangerous too

Many people think of urban roads and highways when they think about Maryland traffic. However, venturing outside Baltimore can be every bit as dangerous when it comes to road safety. Rural roads have different dangers, but they still present challenges for drivers.

Other drivers can put you in danger

One of the biggest dangers on rural roads is other drivers. They may think that nobody else is around, and they drive recklessly. These motorists can lose control of their cars or cross the center lane on two-lane roads. You may be as safe as possible, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time can result in a serious accident. These drivers may also be distracted or drunk, and they are not focusing on the road as they should. Drivers can also become overconfident on these roads when they do not see traffic around them. This could cause them to speed.

Unpredictable and unfamiliar terrain can be dangerous

In addition, the roads themselves are a danger. In rural areas, many drivers are unfamiliar with the highways and terrain. Unfamiliarity causes drivers to take curves too quickly and miss road hazards. Further, rural roads are often not adequately lit, leaving drivers unable to see at night. Rural roads can be windy and curvy, and oncoming traffic can be coming at you. This is often in the form of large trucks. Finally, the long distance from hospitals delays critical care for seriously injured accident victims.

Instead of being less vigilant, drivers need to take extra care to avoid car accidents on rural roads. While these roads may seem safe and innocuous, it is that exact perception that causes them to be dangerous. There is a reason why almost half of motor vehicle fatalities occur on rural roads.