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Some smart ways to remain alert as a pedestrian

Maryland is a state with a lot of things to see and do. Considering that, some people get around this state by walking. Other individuals like to explore this beautiful state by jogging. While these are great ways to get around, they can also be dangerous if you’re not staying safe. With that in mind, follow the tips below to remain safe as a pedestrian.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

One of the best safety tips for pedestrians is to avoid being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while walking. These things impair your judgment in many ways, including gauging the distances of the vehicles around you.

Make yourself easy to see

Many pedestrian accidents happen because drivers are unable to see people who are walking. When you’re out walking, make sure to wear bright clothing. If you walk during the night, consider wearing reflective materials.

Don’t use electronic devices while walking

If you’re like most people, you use your smartphone often. However, you shouldn’t be on your smartphone while you’re walking around in public. Even spending a moment on your phone takes away your situational awareness. When this happens, it can drastically increase your chances of getting hit by an automobile.

Stay on sidewalks whenever possible

Fortunately, many neighborhoods feature sidewalks to help keep pedestrians on the road. Whenever you’re walking in these areas, always make sure to stay on the sidewalk. If a sidewalk isn’t present, walk facing the flow of traffic and keep a safe distance from any approaching vehicles.

To summarize, pedestrian accidents happen often and without warning. Fortunately, you can keep yourself safe as a pedestrian by staying alert and always staying aware of your surroundings.