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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Three ways motorists can safely share the road with pedestrians

Taking a walk is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly means of travel in Baltimore County and Hartford County. Moreover, it is simply a fun and healthy activity, especially in the summer. But when pedestrians share the road with motorists there is always the chance that they will be struck by a car. The following are three ways suggested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that can help motorists can drive safely around pedestrians.

Exercise pedestrian awareness

Motorists should be on the lookout for pedestrians whenever they are on the road. Motorists need to be extra careful around pedestrians when visibility is reduced as it may be at night or during rain, fog or snow.

Take care around crosswalks

Motorists must slow down when approaching a crosswalk and be prepared to stop well back from the crosswalk. If a pedestrian is crossing the road at a crosswalk motorists should yield to the pedestrian’s right of way. Motorists should never try to pass another motorist who is stopped at a crosswalk as there may be pedestrians that they are unable to see.

Do not speed

It is always important for motorists to drive at the posted speed limit. This is especially true if pedestrians are present. Motorists may need to slow down in school zones and areas such as parks and neighborhoods where children may be playing. Children can be unpredictable and may dart out into the street.

Learn more about pedestrian accidents

Unfortunately, there will always be motorists who take risks on the road and will end up causing a pedestrian accident. Those in Towson who want to learn more about their rights in a pedestrian accident may find our firm’s webpage on this topic useful.