Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most
Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Bedsores are often a major sign of nursing home neglect or abuse

When we put our loved ones into nursing homes, we hope that they are safe and comfortable. Nursing homes allow our loved ones to get the medical care they need while living comfortably. As many Maryland residents know, however, nursing homes sometimes fail at providing the care that their residents need. Many nursing homes are charged with abuse and neglect of their patients, causing irreparable emotional and physical harm to both the residents and the residents’ loved ones.

How do bedsores happen in nursing homes?

One common sign of nursing home abuse and neglect is the presence of bedsores. Bedsores are basically ulcers that develop on the skin where there’s been pressure from some sort of compression. The compression could come from lying down in bed for a long period of time, wearing a cast for extended periods, or even sitting for long periods of time in a wheelchair. Also called pressure sores or pressure injuries, bedsores can become a serious medical condition for people who are older or who are extremely sick. Nursing home residents often develop bedsores because they’re left in their beds for days and sometimes weeks at a time.

Bedsores develop after blood supply has been cut off to the skin for about three hours. The skin dies, and a purple area develops. If that purple area is not treated, it can become infected. Left untreated for even longer periods of time, bedsores can burrow deep down into the bone and muscle. Once they get to this point, bedsores can take months or even years to get rid of, and some can only be removed via surgery. When such damage occurs, sometimes people search for legal help.

What can people do when they suspect that their loved ones have developed bedsores due to neglect?

People who suspect that their loved ones have developed bedsores or any other types of physical ailment due to subpar nursing home conditions may benefit by working with an attorney who specializes in this type of law.