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Is your loved one’s nursing home up to standard?

You trust in extended-care facilities to do more than take care of those whom you love; you trust that they follow the state and federal standards required for a quality living and healthcare environment. Unfortunately, some facilities fall short of these standards and their residents suffer for it.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or a nursing home stay is in their near future, it may help you to know the Maryland standards their facility must meet:

  • Nursing Personnel: Maryland nursing homes must have a ratio of one bedside nurse for every 25 residents living in the facility.
  • Diet: Facilities must provide three nutritional meals to residents every day. Nursing staff must have an awareness of residents’ nutritional needs and provide special meals if necessary. Any changes in a resident’s meal or fluid intake must be recorded. The facility must have a licensed dietician on staff or be otherwise regularly consulted by a licensed dietician.
  • Medical care: The medical director of the nursing home must also have specialized training in geriatric medical care or a minimum of two years of experience in the care of chronically ill residents. They must also have completed a physician management curriculum from the appropriate association.
  • Lifestyle: Additionally, facilities must provide access to activities that promote and allow for residents’ physical, social and mental well-being.

There are, of course, many other requirements and standards nursing home facilities must meet. Consult your attorney for information about abuse, neglect and other potentially concerning factors in extended-care facilities.