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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

Heat waves and bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

Many different risk factors lead to bicycle crashes, such as heavy rain, distracted driving, drunk drivers and confusing parts of the road (bad signage, etc.). However, extreme heat raises a number of concerns and if you ride your bicycle during the summer months, you need to recognize the different risks associated with high temperatures and biking.

Those who are struck by negligent drivers deserve justice, regardless of the reasons why an accident occurs. Preventative measures are very helpful, but bicyclists cannot control the behavior of those operating vehicles.

Extreme heat and drowsy driving

Hot weather increases the odds of drowsy driving in different ways. For example, many drivers become fatigued after work, especially if their job is physically demanding or they have to work outdoors. Behind the wheel, these drivers are sometimes less attentive and more likely to collide with a bicyclist. In fact, some drivers, such as those whose air conditioner is broken, struggle with heat-related fatigue as a result of sitting in their vehicle. Heat also affects bicyclists and makes it harder for some to avoid a reckless driver or other risk factors on the road.

Recovering from a heat-related crash

If a bicycle accident occurs as a result of heat or any other factor, it is imperative for injured bicyclists to carefully examine all of their legal options. For example, holding a negligent driver accountable in court helps many secure the benefits they need to recover. Some drivers blame the heat for their actions, but bicyclists who are hit by an erratic driver deserve justice regardless of the details surrounding the accident. Our site goes over other topics related to traffic accidents.