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Six killed in single-car crash in Prince George’s County

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Personal Injury

Driving is typically such a frequent activity that people in Towson often forget the awesome responsibility they assume when they get behind the wheel. Not only are they expected to operate their cars in such a way that the drivers on the roads around them feel safe, but they also assume responsibility for the safety of their passengers. This is especially true when those passengers are children, whose youth and inexperience may not have yet cultivated an appreciation for simple safety measures such as buckling their seat belts. Thus, it falls to the drivers to ensure that kids are safely secured before embarking. 

If they do not, the consequences can be tragic. An accident that occurred on Route 301 in Prince George’s County last year confirms this fact. Five children were ejected from the vehicle they were traveling in when it lost control and suddenly left the road. All five were killed in the accident. Another adult passenger also perished from his injuries. Authorities say that none of the kids was restrained when the crash happened. 

The only survivor of the accident was the driver, who also happened to be the mother of two of the children who were killed. It was later discovered that she had both alcohol and marijuana in her system when the accident occurred. She was recently convicted of several criminal charges related to the crash. 

Cases such as this illustrate not only the importance of ensuring the safety of child passengers, but also how the reckless actions of one person can have such a dramatic impact on so many. Those impacted who need to seek compensation through legal action may do well to enlist the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.