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Compassionate Legal Support When You Need It Most

What makes intersections dangerous?

Maryland drivers know some parts of the road are more dangerous than others. When you think of the riskiest area of the road, where does your mind go first? For many people, this may be intersections. But why are intersections so risky? 

First of all, negligence is a big factor in many crashes. In an intersection, the risk of negligence is high. If a driver is not paying attention or focusing on the road, they are not putting themselves alone in harm’s way. They are risking every other person in the intersection, which can total four or even more. Common instances of negligence in intersections includes: 

  • Misjudging the time needed to cross 
  • Running red lights 
  • Traveling at unsafe speeds 
  • Being unable to brake 

The issues do not fall on the driver’s side only. Maintenance defects can also contribute to intersection dangers. For example, overgrown bushes may obscure a driver’s vision. This causes them to think the road is clear when it is not. The lane lines on the road may wear down to the point that drivers can no longer see them. Construction crews may not take the sun into consideration when setting up road signs. Drivers may be unable to see them due to the glare, leading to crashes. Unfilled potholes can prompt drivers to swerve around them, resulting in collisions. 

To continue reading about motor vehicle crashes, take a look at our linked web page here. You can look into the dangers of other prominent roadway locations as well. While intersections can be harrowing, many other portions of road carry as much risk.