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Even a minor surgery is a complex process requiring a team of medical professionals and medications, including anesthetic. Unfortunately, this level of complexity invites errors, miscues or distractions. If you or a loved one has suffered unnecessarily due to a surgical error, do not hesitate to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

The Baltimore surgical errors attorneys at the Law Offices of Sloane L. Fish, LLC, are prepared to handle even the most complex medical malpractice cases. We understand the confusion and frustration that follow a medical error whether it lies in diagnosis or procedures. Clients trust our firm for thorough research and careful investigation to gain a clear understanding of what led to the surgical error.

Towson Attorney For Surgeon Negligence Injuries

Through our experience, there are numerous causes for surgical errors, including:

  • Inadequate staffing levels
  • Poor training
  • Surgeon is distracted by nonprofessional conversation
  • Defective medical equipment
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or inappropriate dosage of the correct medication
  • Improper diagnosis
  • Anesthesiologist errors

These factors can lead to a host of errors, including:

  • Removing the wrong organ
  • Amputating the wrong appendage
  • Improper placement of screws in bone fractures
  • Leaving sponges or other medical instruments inside the body

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